No doubt you've been on a date before where things weren't exactly going according to plan and you've wanted to bail out.

However, have you been in a situation where you were that eager to get out of a date that you ended up walking through woods filled with bears and bobcats just so you didn't have to put out? If so, congratulations - you and Dolly Parton have exactly the same story to tell.

The country music icon was on 'Late Night Starring Jimmy Fallon' and was playing a game of True Confessions opposite Noah Centineo, who happily admitted to locking his father in a meat-packing freezer for two hours when he was naught but a lad.

As for Dolly's brush with wildlife, it all came about during "a put out or get out" situation on a date with a boy when she was 17. "I only dated him because he had a car, I think it was a Chevy '57," Parton admitted.

Surprisingly, both Fallon and Centineo thought the story was fake - but were eventually proven wrong. In all fairness, there's probably a good chunk of women reading this article or watching the below video who probably would have done the same.

Here's the clip.