It was almost over before it had even begun; an uber-pretentious hipster name like Does It Offend You, Yeah? (even though it was culled from The Office's David Brent, if we're to believe them) is no great foundation for a new band. Immediately, it casts doubt upon their motives: are they in it for the fame and the NME covers, or because they love, and have a talent for, making music? Well, rest assured on that count; even though Reading's DIOY,Y? make the noses of musos wrinkle with displeasure at their very mention, for the most part they've got the tunes to reinforce the hype.

If The Rapture are dance-punk, and Bloc Party are art-rock, that must make DIOY,Y? art-dance. Imbued with a heavier synth sensibility than either of those acts, however, the Morgan Quaintance-led quartet steal from the likes of Digitalism, Daft Punk and Les Rhythmes Digitales to craft danceable electro-indie songs that won't shatter the Earth, but which may just get you dancing.

There's an underlying '80s vibe here, too - whether it's accessible, synth-tinged crossover numbers (Dawn Of the Dead, Let's Make Out), jerky Orange Juice-meets-Soft Cell post-pop (Being Bad Feels Pretty Good) or scuzzy video nasty soundtracks (Weird Science). The heavier tracks are lean, taut and well-constructed; the more capricious numbers are largely effervescent and snappy.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? could so easily have been consigned to the 'all style, no substance' bin - but you may be surprised to find yourself bouncing along to You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into, in spite of yourself.