We're here!

Entertainment.ie arrived a short time ago to find the final preparations for the tenth Electric Picnic still underway, as finishing touches are still being made to the various stages (especially in the Body & Soul area). We must say, however, that the festival's organisers have pulled out all the stops for this most grand of occasions.

Chief among the surprises for this year's revellers is cupcakes for each person here - all 35,000 of us it seems. Hey, what's a birthday without a bit of cake?

As well as that, everyone here is entitled to enter a draw to win tickets for the next TEN Electric Picnics, so pop on over to the Body & Soul area to throw your proverbial hat into the ring.

In somewhat deflating news, you may have read on these pages yesterday that Italian electro pioneer Giorgio Moroder pulled out of his headline performance tonight in the Electric Arena and we've just received word that there'll be no substitute in his place proving, as if there was any doubt, that the 73-year-old is truly irreplaceable.

Finally, a quick word to those who are planning on making good the trek to Stradbally after work today. Traffic outside the festival is currently at a standstill and entertainment.ie spent almost two hours making a journey that should have taken a quarter of that. Still, we're here now so keep your eyes firmly fixed to these pages for updates.

Until then festival fans!