We're not the biggest fans of Icelandic volcanos 'round these here parts, particularly since that one erupted in 2010 and ruined our travel plans (and we only found out at the airport). Damn you, Eyjafjallajokull.

Someone who presumably is a fan of Icelandic volcanos is Chino Moreno, frontman of the band Deftones - so much so, that he wants to play a gig in one.

The frontman of the American metal band, who recently released their latest album 'Gore', is planning a solo acoustic gig in dormant volcano Thrihnukagigur (pic: above) as part of a festival called Secret Solstice, which runs this weekend in Reykjavik. The rest of the band will not join him, but twenty fans will be lowered 400 feet into the volcano's magma chamber to witness the world's first public gig in a volcano.

The twenty tickets sold out within days, before Moreno was even announced as the performer - so if you're a Deftones fan, great news. If not, you'll have to sit through it because there's no way you can slip quietly out the back door of a volcano.

It should be pointed out that it's been 4,000 years since the volcano in question last erupted, but have none of these people seen Dante's Peak, damnit?



Via Radio.com