Death Cab for Cutie are set to make history today by becoming the first ever band to broadcast a new music video as it's being recorded live in one take.

The video is for new single 'You Are A Tourist' which has been picking up some decent radio time ahead of the release of the band's new album 'Codes and Keys' on May 27th. It will be directed by award winner Tim Nackashi, who has previously made music videos for Radiohead, Elvis Costello, TV on the Radio and OK GO. The band will appear in the short scripted film alongside over twenty performers.

The video for 'You Are A Tourist' will be broadcast as it is being recorded at 7pm EST on Tuesday April 5th - that's midnight tonight. Come back here then and you can watch the whole thing via the player below.


So, the live event is now over, but you can still watch the resulting video below. There's a lot of pre-shoot faffing around, so forward to around the sixteen and a half minute mark, when the action actually gets going.


Can't see the stream on your mobile device? Click here.