A Talking Heads reunion would undoubtedly make a lot of people very happy, but will it happen anytime soon?

David Byrne has enjoyed a hugely successful solo career since the band split in 1991, and although they performed together at their induction into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 2002, that hasn't stopped calls for a full reunion and tour over the years.

Speaking to The Creative Independent, Byrne spoke about his reputation as an artist, rather than being recognised as 'just' a pop star, saying: “My life is a little bit more than that. I like those songs, too, but my life is more than something I did quite a number of years ago. It’s a little, tiny sliver of what I did.” But that’s fine, too."

He added: "A Talking Heads reunion might be incredibly successful for a specific generation, or maybe for many generations. It would make me a lot of money and get a lot of attention. It would also probably be quite a number of steps backwards as far as being perceived as someone who does a lot of different things.

"For that reason, I feel like I have to sacrifice something, whether it’s money or name recognition or whatever, in order to be able to do a little bit more of what I’d want to do. In other words, you can’t have it all.”

So, that's not a flat 'no', then?