Fans of David Bowie have launched a crowdfunding campaign to have an 'Aladdin Sane'-style lightning bolt statue erected near his place of birth in London.

There is already a Bowie mosaic in Brixton, south London, but the proposed new memorial - in consultation with his team in New York and London - would be situated close to his childhood home on Stansfield Road.

The 9-metre sculpture would cost £990,000 and the spiel on the crowdfunding site reads: "Just as an otherworldly David Bowie landed in our lives, the memorial (is it too soon to call it the ZiggyZag?) stands embedded in the Brixton pavement – a three storey tall bolt from above. A nine metre missive from another dimension, hurled from afar.

“Unexplained, yet utterly familiar; a poignant reminder that life does exist beyond the everyday. That music and art and curiosity are vital, positive contributors to our collective existence.”

Even we have to admit that the artist's mock-up looks pretty cool.

At time of writing, the campaign had raised £27,000 of its target with 27 days left, so there's a way to go...

You can hear more about the design and concept in the video below: