Dave Mustaine has found success as the frontman of metal band Megadeth, but the singer/guitarist revealed he had hexes put on a school bully in his younger days.

Mustaine recalled his youth to Joe Rogan on an episode of his podcast, and revealed that he turned to black magic after rebelling against his family being involved with the Jehovah's Witness denomination.

"You get out of one thing that sucks and so you do something else to extremes," he told Joe Rogan.

"When I bailed on Jehovah Witness' thing with my mom, I ran away from home up to Idaho where my sister lived and she was practicing black magic, so I got into black magic. She did not practice black, she was practicing white, but I did some black magic. I practiced black magic on two people."

When pressed on what a hex entailed, Mustaine said "you have somebody that you don't like and through the power of suggestion in your mind you could say or do something and then hope and pray that something will take place to even the score so to speak."

Mustaine didn't go into specifics on how he carried out the hex, but stated "It involved using some food sources and making an effigy of sorts and you do certain things to identify the doll and then you break off the arm or the leg of the doll, and that's basically what I did, I broke the leg off and the guy got in a car crash and his leg got mauled."

Mustaine revealed he put a hex on a school bully that tormented him.

"He was the school tough guy and it was my first day at school and he walked by me and sucker punched me in the stomach and I buckled over," said Mustaine.

"I knew I had to do something or it was going to keep happening. So I put a hex on him that he would get physically injured and he did," the Grammy winner said, and when asked by Rogan if he thinks the bully got hurt because of the hex or more because of the things he was doing, Mustaine said, "I think he got hurt because I put a hex on him and because he was an asshole."

The firey frontman of the metal giants first came to prominence as a member of Metallica in the early 1980s, and also discussed his firing from the band in the interview.

Mustaine was philosophical in his appraisal of his career stating that he was 20 when he joined Metallica, and now at the age of 60 he's a Grammy-award winner with Megadeth.

He said he was "not bitter" over being let go from Metallica, but said he was annoyed at not receiving royalties from his time in the band.

"The thing that bothered me the most was I had all my music, and I left it behind and I said, 'Don't use my music.' And of course, they did. They used it on the first record, on the second record. There are parts of my music on a song on the third record."

"All the solos on the first record are mine, except that they're just performed by Kirk Hammett - they're close but not the same."

Megadeth are often regarded as the closest rivals for Metallica's throne, and are a highly successful band in their own right, selling nearly 40 million albums worldwide.

The band are gearing up for their first album since 2016, with 'The Sick, The Dying and the Dead!' due for release on September 2nd.