You're used to seeing him as a wild-haired rock god, spouting expletives and causing trouble on stage with Foo Fighters.

However, Dave Grohl managed to scrub up to an almost unrecognisable standard the other day when he took time away from the Foo Fighters tour to attend Wimbledon in London.

The tennis tournament kicked off on June 24th and several big celeb names have already been spotted, as per usual.

Grohl didn't do a Cliff Richard and break into song during a rain break, though - although with his hair pulled back into a neat ponytail and wearing a suit, most people probably wouldn't have recognised him, anyway.

Grohl recently caused consternation amongst Swifties when he suggested that Taylor Swift's band does not play live - and it looks like he may be living that one down for a while.

In fact, he was sitting with Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon, who looked similarly dapper...

It doesn't seem that he's particularly into tennis, however, if his response to the BBC's vox pop is anything to go by...