"Show me a drum set and I will sit down to it."

The musical and humanitarian treasure that is Dave Grohl just keeps on giving, doesn't he? The latest reason why we love him is for his sincere appreciation for one of the biggest pop groups in the world, ABBA.

When the Swedish supergroup released two brand new tracks last month, the world went ABBA-gaga. It had been over 40 years since new music was released from Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, and self-proclaimed superfan Dave Grohl has said that their new music made him weep with joy.

Speaking with BBC News, the Foo Fighters frontman admitted: "Oh my god, I’m such a big ABBA fan. When I saw that they were coming back and they had a record, I shot that link to 100 people I knew, then listened to the new song and wept like a baby. I cried like a baby. Oh man!"

He continued his praise for the group, who are now in their late 60s and early 70s, saying: "It almost sounded like time hadn’t passed. Plus it was such a beautiful, romantic, melancholy, bitter-sweet retrospective. Ugh, it’s amazing. ABBA can do no wrong."

Dave Grohl then admitted that he'd be up for collaborating with ABBA on a live set. He continued: "Listen, I will get up and play drums at the opening of an envelope. Show me a drum set and I will sit down to it.

"So yes, I would play with ABBA."

Could this ever happen? Only time will tell. Grohl previously cited ABBA and The Bee Gees as inspiration for Foo Fighters album 'Wasting Light' from 2011. The rock star recently brought his young drumming protege, Nandi Bushell, up on stage at a Foo Fighters concert in LA.

ABBA will begin their hologram residency in London at the newly developed ABBA Arena at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London next May. Their new album 'Voyage' will be released worldwide on November 5.