You should go see Hudson Mohawke because under the guise of DJ Itchy and at the fragile age of 15, Mohawke was youngest UK DMC finalist ever. He’s since adopted a new moniker, international applause, and a unique sound that somewhat resembles a pack of crayons being shoved through a shredder. As a DJ he’s phenomenal but his Picnic show is live so this should be one of the highlights.

You should go see The Roots because even though hip hop acts are be two a penny, 7-piece brass heavy instrumental hip hop acts are hard to come by. Eclectic as a carnival record booth and often funkier than necessary, they’re shows contain enough energy to fuel the entire festival.

You should go see Katie Kim because she is one of the few truly amazing Irish acts this year. Her sets are sincerely harrowing and moving without ever crossing over into the realms of pretentiousness. If her Castlepalooza show is anything to go by then many will get lost in Katie’s folky mist.

You should go see Sigur Ros because they’re tight, loud, and Icelandic. For many the temptation to forego this one in favour of something more upbeat will be too much but for the dedicated audience comes endless rewards. Most of which is gained in the last twenty minutes where the proceedings usually rise to a booming zenith.

You should go see Caribou vs Four Tet because both of these artists have somehow managed to segue from a niche folktronic background into purveyors of dance-floor hits with the minimum of fuss. Four Tet’s stint as a resident in London’s Plastic People nightclub solidified his talent on the turntables, giving him the option to waive his usually off-kilter live shows in favour of the occasional crowd pleasing DJ set. Caribou on the other hand can be a tad bit unpredictable on the decks, which could tip things either way but consider both of their talents as producers and Four Tet’s steady influence, this will likely be the DJ set of the weekend.