We'll take two of those lovely cocktails, please. And sure, one for the guitar-playing octopus while you're at it.

'Down at The Lah De Dah' is the title of Daniel O'Donnell's new music video, and, we have to say, it's pretty far out there while also being incredibly relatable (not to mention being a greenscreen feast for the eyes).

In the video, the famed country singer is transporting us back to a time when we were off gallivanting on a lovely beach holiday somewhere in the sun, rather than staring out of our windows and only seeing the grey sky and lashing rain that will be Ireland for the next few months.

So, if you're up for a little four-minute escape from reality at your computer desk, then tune into Daniel O'Donnell and his hypnotic music video below. It features a hula dancing Daniel, a cocktail-sipping Daniel, a getting hit on the head with a coconut Daniel, and of course, a water skiing Daniel.

To be honest, if there was an action figure released of Daniel, we'd be the first in line; we need something else to go alongside our bobblehead of the singer. Did we just come up with a business plan? Daniel, if you're reading this, we'll take a 25% equity stake in the idea.

Here's the infectious music video for you in full.

'Down at The Lah De Dah' is the second track listed on Daniel's new 2021 album, '60', which was released last week. This marks the release of the Donegal country singer's 38th studio album. His first release, 'The Boy From Donegal', hit record store shelves in 1984.