There's just one week to go until the new Gorillaz album is released, and anticipation for the cartoon's band latest record is high - particularly considering that Damon Albarn aka 2-D has not been afraid to get political in the past.

Albarn has made reference to Donald Trump in recent years during Blur's tours, but don't expect to hear anything related to the US President on 'Humanz'.

In fact, all mention of the POTUS has been removed from the record, as he revealed in an interview with Billboard - although his rise in popularity did influence the record somewhat.

"Trump’s ascension was one of the sources of energy that we meditated on, when it was like, ‘Ahh, that’s ridiculous, that could never happen,’ said Albarn, adding: “There’s no references to [Trump] on the record -- in fact, any time when anyone made any reference, I edited it out,” he says. “I don’t want to give the most famous man on earth any more fame, particularly. He doesn’t need it!”

We were kinda looking forward to a Gorillaz-inspired Trump Twitter tirade, too...