We've all been there.

You're on the way home from a night out, you've imbibed a few beverages, you get seriously into talking to the taxi driver/singing along to the radio/forgetting all of your worries in life, and before you know it you're in bed - without your bag, phone or purse.

That very thing happened to Damon Albarn recently, although his cargo was a lot more valuable than your Tesco clubcard and whatever coins you had left over from a night out.

Albarn left his laptop - which contained the master copy of the new Gorillaz album - in the back of a London cab after a night out at the Groucho Club.

“It was a disaster. Damon oversees everything and, with Gorillaz, it’s not just audio – it’s the expensive visuals as well. The laptop’s contents are priceless," a source told The Mirror. 

Luckily, the honest cabbie realised Albarn's mistake and returned the precious cargo without leaking it online.

The album is due for release this year, and with the cartoon band lining up a tour that includes a stop-off at Malahide Castle on June 9th, we can expect to hear new music very soon...