It usually takes the death of a well-known musician to see their streaming and sales figures soar - but Daft Punk have enjoyed a major bump in both after their shock split announcement.

The Parisian duo have called it a day after 28 years of making music together, and in the ensuing days there have been countless tributes, tracklists and thinkpieces about their songs and their legacy. (Like our one, which you can read here.)

That might go some way to explaining the huge surge in sales and streams in recent days. On Monday, streams of their back catalogue saw an increase of 500% compared to the previous day; physical sales were up 1,335% and digital album sales were up 2650%, according to Rolling Stone.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was their 2001 album 'Discovery' that enjoyed the biggest boost; it was streamed more than 1.5 million times on Monday alone, an increase of 426% on the previous day.

Their individual songs which saw the biggest increase in streams, meanwhile, were 'Get Lucky' (up 180%), 'One More Time' (up 368%), 'Harder Better Faster Stronger' (up 418%), 'Around the World' (up 381%) and 'Instant Crush' (up 392%).

Almost half a million people streamed Daft Punk for the first time on Monday on Spotify.

If you prefer your music played via the radio, however, you may be interested in 'ONE MORE TIME - A Daft Punk Celebration', a special dedicated to the duo via Claire Beck's Saturday Soundsystem on Today FM. It promises over three hours dedicated to the pioneering pair, from 9pm - 12am.