Remember gigs? Social occasions where groups of people (sometimes large groups of people) gathered together to watch live music together? Sometimes, they even took place outdoors in the sunshine.

While it's been over a year since most of us have attended our last gig, it's not quite the same scenario in New Zealand - a country that has been largely unaffected by Covid due to their effective measures at bringing the virus under control.

That means that large gatherings can proceed as before, including big gigs that seem a million miles from what we can imagine right now.

Over the past week, Crowded House have been taking advantage of that fact and have been on tour in their native country, and the footage being shared on social media will either make you green with envy, red with rage or will simply make you weep.

We will see these sorts of gigs in Ireland again, of course, but at the moment this seems like teasing...