News of The Spice Girls' reunion generated quite a bit of excitement amongst most pop fans - but one person who isn't on board with the idea is Craig David.

The 'Seven Days' singer, who recently made a comeback of his own, made the comments in an interview with Metro where he suggested that the girl group shouldn't reunite.

"It’s a funny one. The Spice Girls as a group embodied female empowerment. But they’ve all grown into women," he said. "‘Victoria’s doing her own thing, Melanie C, Melanie B, Emma… Geri was very vocal when it came to politics.

"But to come back and pretend that they can put on those little dresses and vibe, it’s not really authentic. I can’t talk about doing what young people do, I’m 36 years old. There’s certain things that have a time and place."

He eventually conceded: "But I think the fans would love to have a reunion."