If you're well up on your pop culture trivia, you'll be aware that Courteney Cox's big break was, in fact, in a music video.

The 'Friends' actress famously appeared in the video for Bruce Springsteen's 1984 hit 'Dancing in the Dark', with The Boss pulling her out of the crowd and onto the stage to perform a memorable dance that has been recreated at weddings and in nightclubs many times in the ensuing decades.

Now, Cox herself has poked fun at herself by recreating the dance for the latest TikTok craze, which has seen Gen X users asking their parents how they danced to 'Smalltown Boy' in the 1980s.

As the Bronski Beat song plays, Cox is seen dancing in the video, which is captioned: "1980’s dancing… in the dark".

After a few moments, she shakes her head and zips down her jumper to reveal the same t-shirt she wore in the video, as she sways from side to side and the TikTok cuts to the original Springsteen video.


1980’s dancing… in the dark

♬ original sound - Courteney Cox

And if you need a reminder of the video itself...