Electric Picnic's 10 year anniversary just keeps getting better and better. This year's comedy stage at Electric Picnic is one of the most exciting in the 10 year history of the event with pride of place goes to global superstar and loveable curmudgeon, Dylan Moran
Joining him are a host of other Irish favourites inlcuding: David O'Doherty, Reginald D Hunter, Andrew Maxwell, Republic Of Telly's Bernard O'Shea, Fred Cooke, Dermot Whelan, Dublin Comedy Improv, Gunther Grun, Kevin McAleer, Niam Marron, Mickey Bartlett, Al Porter, Patrick McDonnell, Karl Spain, Kevin Gildea, John Colleary, Paul Tylak, Colm O'Regan, Joe Rooney, Ian Coppinger, Jarlath Regan, Foil Arms And Hog, Elanor Tiernan, Eric Lalor, Damian Clark, Chris Kent, Willa White Keith Farnan and many more.

Andrew Stanley will be taking on MC duties for both Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September for what promises to be the biggest and best ever giggle-fest at EP.

Here's the full running order…

Saturday 31st August

13.30pm - 13.45pm | MC Andrew Stanley
13.45pm - 14.05pm | Patrick McDonnell
14.05pm - 14.25pm | Paul Tylak
14.30pm - 14.45pm | Niamh Marron
14.50pm - 15.15pm | John Colleary
15.20pm - 16.00pm | Dublin Comedy Improv
16.05pm - 16.25pm | Mickey Bartlett
16.30pm - 16.55pm | Jarlath Regan
17.00pm - 17.30pm | Foil Arms and Hog
17.35pm - 18.00pm | Kevin McAleer
18.05pm - 18.30pm | Elanor Tiernan
18.35pm - 19.00pm | Ian Coppinger
19.05pm - 19.30pm | Dermot Whelan
19.35pm - 20.10pm | Reginal D Hunter
20.15pm - 21.00pm | David O’Doherty

Sunday 1st September

13.30pm - 13.45pm | MC Andrew Stanley
13.45pm - 14.05pm | Karl Spain
14.05pm - 14.25pm | Kevin Gildea
14.30pm - 14.45pm | Al Porter
14.50pm - 15.10pm | Willa White
15.15pm - 15.40pm | Fred Cooke
15.45pm - 16.05pm | Keith Farnan
16.07pm - 16.35pm | Colm O’Regan
16.40pm - 17.00pm | Chris Kent
17.05pm - 17.25pm | Gunther Grun
17.30pm - 17.55pm | Eric Lalor
18.00pm - 18.25pm | Damian Clark
18.30pm - 18.55pm | Joe Rooney
19.00pm - 19.30pm | Bernard O Shea
19.35pm - 20.10pm | Andrew Maxwell
20.15pm - 21.00pm | Dylan Moran

Between 27th April - May 27th
Weekend Ticket: €149.50 - If you can prove you have attended three or more EPs
Weekend Ticket: €169.50 - If you can prove you have attended EP once before
Weekend Ticket: €189.50 - If you haven’t been before
Family Camping Weekend Ticket as above (2 kids U12 permitted per adult)
Sunday Day Tickets: €85.00 (No camping permitted)
Between May 28th - July 28th
Weekend Ticket: €189.50
After July 28th
Weekend Ticket: €229.50

Campervan Tickets for access to Regular & Family Campervan Parks are €60