Coldplay may get a flak from some quarters for their musical output, but one thing you can't fault them on is their conscience and their dedication to inclusivity.

The band resumed touring with their 'Music of the Spheres' tour earlier this year, after taking a break of several years as they figured out how to traverse the globe in a more environmentally-conscious manner.

On this tour, as well as introducing things like renewable energy to power the shows and cutting carbon emissions, they have also made things easier for their deaf and hard-of-hearing fans.

In each city, they have included a sign language interpreter so that they "can feel a stronger connection to the music" - and their interpreter at their Glasgow show the other night has gone viral.

The band shared footage of the unnamed interpreter passionately signing along to 'Fix You', with one fan commenting: "on the way home from seeing coldplay tonight with my Deaf mama. the BSL interpreters were INCREDIBLE, it’s an experience i will treasure forever. thank you."

Watch it below: