We can't think of two more odd support acts for two of Morrissey's upcoming US concert dates than Cliff Richard and Tom Jones but yes, this is actually happening - though we doubt Moz was very keen on Cliff's (supposedly) light-hearted comments about vegetarianism.

Cliff is set to support Morrissey at the Barclays Centre in New York, while Jones will open for Moz at the Los Angeles Sports Centre.

Morrissey, a committed herbivore, has a very specific stance on vegetarianism. The former Smith has bemoaned meat-selling vendors at his concerts in the past, threatened to pull out if hot dogs were sold at his concerts and (allegedly) compared meat-eaters to paedophiles.
This is why we don't think that Moz will appreciate Cliff's recent comments on the matter very much...

Speaking to BBC about the concert, Cliff Richard said that he doesn't expect to have to partake in Morrissey's veggie-only rule.

"I like to think he might eat some meat when I arrive, but I wouldn't expect him to. So I don't think he'd expect me to be vegetarian", Richard said. "If I found he was offended by people eating meat then I won't eat it in front of him. But I'll have a chicken curry afterwards."

As for Morrissey, Cliff admits that he's not fully aware of his music.

"I checked him out on the internet and saw a couple of shots of him live, and his audiences look really - I don't know how to say this - they look really nice."

"They were swaying in the crowd and mouthing his lyrics and I was thinking, 'Oh, my audiences do that'. So maybe his audience will be kind to me."

Eh, maybe don't hold your breath there Cliff...