The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) has announced the appointment of two new Directors to Board of the copyright collection society. James Hickey, the renowned media and entertainment lawyer, joins the Board to fill an External Director position. James Hickey is the partner in charge of the Media and Entertainment Law Group in Matheson Ormsby Prentice. He works in the areas of film and television production financing and distribution as well as in the areas of music rights licensing. Hickey is joined by Brian Crosby. Crosby is a founding member of Irish band Juniper and subsequently Bell X1 with whom he co-wrote three albums. In 2006, Crosby devised, curated and produced The Cake Sale, a band featuring an eclectic collective of musicians and writers created in order to raise funds for the charity Oxfam. Crosby also founded and still operates Oxfam Publishing, which publishes The Cake Sale's catalogue.

Music publishers Johnny Lappin (Foxrock Music Productions), Steve Lindsey (Elevate Music Publishing Ltd) and songwriters Christy Moore, Eleanor McEvoy and Donagh Long have been re-elected to the Board to serve additional terms of office.

-Alicia Coyle