If you're the sort of person who flies into a murderous rage at the first tinkle of a Christmas song on the airwaves, best look away now.

For everyone else who isn't a total Scrooge, there's good news on the horizon: two Irish Christmas radio stations will be launching in the next few days.

Radio Snowflake will be launching on December 1st, where you'll be able to listen on radiosnowflake.com. The online radio station will broadcast for 26 days starting on December 1st and as always, all proceeds will go to charity. This year's charity recipient is the Irish Kidney Association - and in between all the festive cheer and songs, we'll be hearing from people who have benefitted from the IKA's work over the years.

Christmas FM will also launch their live programming on November 28th, where you'll hear their schedule running from 7am - midnight every day - both online at ChristmasFM.com and on the airwaves in Dublin on the recently-vacated 105.2FM. Their other frequencies nationwide can be seen below, while their charity partner this year is Focus Ireland.