You may have heard that Chris Rock is playing Dublin at the end of this month - but did you know that it's going to be a phone-free gig?

Those attending the comedian's sold-out gig at the 3Arena on Saturday, September 30th will have to place their phones in a bespoke Yondr pouch for the duration of the gig - meaning no annoying person blocking your view while recording or taking an excessive amount of pictures.

What is Yondr, you may be wondering? It's a new system that has been used at gigs in the States but this will be the first time it's being used in Ireland. You'll have to check your phone into a special Yondr pouch, which is then locked for the duration of the gig. However, the pouch allows phone signals to get through, so someone can feel a phone vibrate when a message arrives. Anyone who needs access during a show may leave the room, have the device unlocked and use the phone in the lobby or outside — similar to the way smokers light up outside a non-smoking theatre.

As the press release explains: "For any touring comedian, the increasing use of cell-phones at their live shows is becoming a major intrusion with the ringing, flashing lights, tweets, selfies etc affecting the quality of the performance. Some people spend the show posting the clips they record to You Tube rather than enjoying the actual live show they are attending.

There is also the added problem for comedians who spend months polishing their performances to a high state of hilarity only to have their punchlines shared in advance by illegal recordings of their show."

If you don't want to submit your phone to a Yondr pouch (as seen below) for the gig, you can simply leave it at home.