If you've been following Chic and Nile Rodgers' career in recent years, you'll be aware that the influential guitarist, producer and songwriter was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010.

He went on to recover fully from the illness, which he documented in a blog titled 'Walking on Planet C', and was cancer-free by 2013.

However, in August, Rodgers missed a Chic gig for the first time ever and was hospitalised for undisclosed reasons - which he has now revealed.

Writing on his website in a blog post titled 'CANCER REALLY? I'm Done. 2018 here I come!', Rodgers said that he had missed the August gig because of an e.Coli infection - and while being treated for it, doctors discovered a growth on his kidney that turned out to be cancerous - or "two different cancers within one mass".

"After the doctors told me, "We believe it's cancer," I did a lot of gigging and a lot of flying: Two countries in South America, Dubai, Japan, Ireland, Liverpool, London and we ended our last round of this year's gigs in Brooklyn, NY," he wrote, adding that he had since undergone surgery to remove the growth and "my prognosis is 100% recovery."

"After the last seven years of amazing life, I would have never believed that my body would be invaded by another cancer," he added. "CANCER REALLY? I'm done. 2018 here I come!"

You can read the blog in full here