We love Celine Dion.

Not only is she a Boss Lady at the whole singing thing, but she's proved her kindness time and time again over the years. There was that time a drunk fan stagecrashed her gig in Vegas, for example, or her emotions getting the better of her in that infamous Hurricane Katrina video.

Yet even Celine Dion herself has a tipping point - and this time, that involves a fan singing through her car window.

Footage has been doing the rounds of Dion stopped in her car in New York, with the window open as a fan serenades her with her 2002 song 'I Surrender'. Her impassive reaction, though, is what makes it:

As it turns out, however, a longer version of the clip sees her tell her driver to wait as he drives off, and fist-bumps the fan at the end, telling her: "Be blessed. Thanks so much for that."

It turns out that the singer in question, Freida Solomon, posted an even longer version to her Instagram account that shows just how gracious she was:


Even so, Celine's poker face is iconic and we're not going to let anything get in the way of this becoming a meme.

Even Ariana Grande has jumped on board: