Belfast outfit Cashier No9 have signed a coveted record deal with Bella Union, the indie label set up by the Cocteau Twins and responsible for releasing Fleet Foxes in the UK.

The folk-heavy label is also home to indie favourites such as Beach House, The Walkmen, Explosions in the Sky and Wicklow boy Fionn Regan. Ragged Words reports that the band have signed the deal just in time to release their David Holmes produced debut album 'To The Death of Fun' in mid June.

Label head Simon Raymonde praised Cashier No9, stating, "These are not songs for the sake of it, they are songs with heart and soul. The album has a deep soul, and I imagine this is what David (Holmes - producer) saw. I now see it too, and I am delighted to welcome the band to the Bella Union family. They already feel part of it to me."

In the meantime the band will self-release a new EP entitled 'Goldstar', and play at Belfast's Auntie Annie's on March 25th, followed by a set at Lark in the Park on April 30th.

Cashier No9 - Goldstar by A.M.A. Music Agency