A collaboration between one of the women behind 'WAP' and the creators of iconic pop hits like 'West End Girls' and 'It's a Sin' may seem like an unlikely prospect, but it may be more realistic than you think.

Cardi B has professed her love for Pet Shop Boys in the past, most notably in 2018 when she took to Twitter to ask fans a pressing question about their song 'Rent':

Now, however, she has doubled-down on her love for Messrs. Tennant and Lowe by saying that she 'loves them' and that they are underrated as a group.

Not the sort of tweet we expected to see on our timeline of a Sunday afternoon, but she's not wrong.

Fans are now calling for a collaboration - but as PSB are not on Twitter (in a personal capacity, at least), we may be left hanging on that possibility...

Make it happen, music industry people.