It looks like Calvin Harris fans won't have long to wait for new material, if the DJ's recent tweet is anything to go by.

The Scottish musician kept it short and sweet by posting the artwork to his presumed new single 'My Way' - which is along the same lines of 'This Is What You Came For' -  and simply writing '16th' in the accompanying text.

In non-tweeting, non-DJs-with-no-time-for-full-sentences speak, we're assuming that he really means 'Hey guys! My new single is called 'My Way' and is out this coming Friday, September 16th. Hope you enjoy!'

Superstar DJs these days, eh?


He's also running a contest on Twitter for fans to guess who the guest vocalist is on the song. Our guess: TAYLOR SWIFT. Although most people reckon it's Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato. Either way, only 3 days left until we find out...