What is it with these musician types, always fighting and having bust ups? Why can't we all just get along? By the looks of things Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows has finally had enough of frontman Johnny Borrell, announcing that he wll leave the band, effective immediately. Burrows is the second drummer to leave the ranks after Christian Smith-Pancorvo quit just before the release of Razorlight's debut album, Up All Night, in 2004. Do we sense a pattern forming?

Tensions have been high between Burrows and Borrell ever since a punch-up in a Camden pub in 2006, but according to The Sun, things really came to a head on a recent promotional trip to the US. On their return, Burrows was suspiciously absent from their Wolverhampton gig on Monday 2nd. Burrows has since explained "I am very proud of everything that myself, Johnny, Carl [Dalemo] and Bjorn [Agren] have achieved together, but for personal reasons I have decided to leave the band. I will be pursuing other musical ventures."

Borrell declared that Burrows will be missed: " He's been a great player and a great friend and I think we'll both always be proud of the music we've made together". David "Skully" Sullivan-Kaplan has been hired to replace Burrows until the end of 2009. As for Andy Burrows, he release a solo album entitled "The Colour of My Dreams" last year, so maybe he'll continue down that route.