Canadian rocker Bryan Adams will release his thirteenth studio album this October.

It's called 'Get Up' and is the follow-up to last year's covers album 'Tracks of My Years'. The last time that the 55-year-old Adams released an album of original material was 2008's '11'.

His new album was produced by the legendary Jeff Lynne of ELO - who has also produced records by the likes of Paul McCartney, Randy Newman, The Beatles and Tom Petty over the years.

"I've always been a big fan of Bryan so getting to work with him was a great pleasure”, says Lynne of their process. “Bryan would send me a demo across the internet, then I would play most of the instruments to make a finished backing track and send it back to him in England. There he would put the lead vocal on to the song and send it back to me in California. 5,400 miles apart! And it's turned out to be a rockin' album!"

The album is out on October 16th, with lead single 'Brand New Day' available from September 7th.