It's important, before we get into this, to point out that The Boss has written some incredible pieces of music for many wonderful films down through the years.

Secret Garden, for example, worked incredibly well on the Jerry Maguire soundtrack. More recently, Hungry Heart was almost an unofficial anthem for the Oscar Isaac-starring HBO miniseries Show Me A Hero. Finally, we have Philadelphia - which won Bruce Springsteen an Oscar in 1994 for Best Original Song.

He's got form in the area, to be sure. However, there was one song that Springsteen wrote that's become something of an online urban legend. The story went that he wrote the song back in 2001 for a soundtrack for an upcoming film, offered it to the producers of said film and they rejected it and the song was never released.

The film? Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone.

Yes, there was almost a Bruce Springsteen song on the soundtrack for the first Harry Potter film. Of course, when you listen to the song, it's easy to understand why it wasn't included in the soundtrack. It's awful, basically, and we say this as people who have a deep and unabiding love for The Boss.

Have a listen and judge for yourself.