Bruce Springsteen's live shows are basically a thing of legend but fans at his most recent show at the Mohegan Sun at Uncasville in Connecticut were left confused by a slight geographical error the part of The Boss after he continually yelled "Massachusetts!" at his audience during the encore.

Despite cries of "NO!" from the crowd after each utterance, Springsteen repeated his error several times before apparently realising his mistake by encouraging fans to make a donation to the Connecticut food bank who were doing the rounds nearby.

Hey, Bruce had been performing on stage for more than three and a half hours before his mistake. Twenty minutes in the gym and we haven't got a bleedin' clue where we are, so we'll give the boss a pass on this one.

Springsteen was joined on stage in, Connecticut by the latest members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame The E-Street Band, as well as the returning Steve Van Zandt (who you might also know from The Sopranos) as well Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello who had been deputising for Van Zadnt as he filmed his Netflix series 'Lilyhammer'.

(via NYC Daily News)