Is The Boss the latest convert to Yeezianity? Well that might be overstating it but, nonetheless, Kanye can add another big name to his ever-growing list of fans - Bruce Springsteen.

In an interview with NPR, Bruce - whose new album High Hopes is currently riding high in the charts - waxed lyrical about Kanye's talent for pushing the boundaries and writing innovative music.

"He is incredible", Springsteen said. "I mean, the record-making facility, there's a lot of hours in those records. And I saw him on television, he did a song called 'Blood On The Leaves' on Later...With Jools Holland - it was fantastic, you know."

The Boss continued: "I still find him very interesting. I'm not necessarily driving [to] it in my car, you know. I probably fall back on the stuff that I listened to as a kid or something if I'm driving around. But I do listen to [it] a lot because there's a lot of information on it and it's fascinating record-making."