As weird fixations go, Americans' fixations on statues and specifically, statues of people who actively tried to split the country and enslaved other people really is up there.

At any rate, there's a debate swirling in former Confederate states currently as to what should be done over said statues. While some are advocating for them to be torn down and thrown in the nearest body of water, others want them smelted down and replaced with real heroes of the locality.

Case in point, a petition to replace Confederate statues in New Orleans with that of Britney Spears has now hit 20,000 signatures. Spears, who is originally from the town of Kentwood, Louisiana, doesn't appear to have endorsed the petition or is aware of it - but it's got her fans all worked up.

The petition cites Spears' charity work, including her fundraising work for Red Cross to help flood victims in Louisiana in 2016, her work ten years prior with helping victims of Hurricane Katrina, not to mention her currently donating some of the money from her Vegas shows to Louisana schools.

The best part? She hasn't enslaved anyone and didn't try to murder other Americans who were defending their country, which is more than can be said for any Confederate statue. The only thing Britney Spears has enslaved is modern pop music with her charming bubble-gum pop melodies.

You can sign the petition here.