The pop star has reportedly signed a huge deal which will see her write a memoir about her personal and work life thus far.

An official Britney Spears book is in the pipeline, according to sources.

Page Six reports that the 40-year-old has signed a $15 million deal with publisher Simon & Schuster following a bidding war between multiple publishing houses.

As you would expect, the book deal will see Spears pen her very first memoir, which will chronicle both her professional and her working life up until the present day. The majority of the publication is expected to cover the stars' 13-year long conservatorship, which was overseen by her father Jamie.

Since the terms of her legal battle were updated late last year, ending the conservatorship in its current form, Spears is now more in control of her finances with guidance from her legal team and counsel.

Britney Spears began her career as a young star on 'The Mickey Mouse Club' during the early '90s where she rubbed shoulders with Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling and her future boyfriend, Justin Timberlake; the pair began dating in 1999 but called it quits in 2002. Following the break-up, Spears was the subject of a controversial Diane Sawyer interview, which she publicly criticised in a recent Instagram post.

The Britney Spears book deal comes just weeks after her sister, Jamie-Lynn, published her own memoir entitled 'Things I Should Have Said'. In response to this controversial move, the older Spears' sibling issued a cease-and-desist letter that asked her sister to stop sharing private information about her personal life. The performer also published a lengthy Instagram post, claiming that her younger sister was capitalising off of her personal struggles.

Towards the end of her conservatorship battle, Spears became engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Sam Asghari. She also teased that she has been working on new music.