Smile is the Beach Boys' legendary lost album, made after Pet Sounds in 1967 but shelved due to Brian Wilson's acid-inspired nervous breakdown. Now, released in a re-recorded version by Wilson and his backing band the Wondermints, we finally get to see if the holy grail of 60s pop can live up to 37 years of hype. The cynics will certainly have no shortage of ammunition - the songs are often fragmentary, the childlike lyrics are dated and the farmyard sound effects are undeniably on the twee side. But to hell with that - this is a gloriously ambitious piece of work and it deserves to be celebrated. Divided into three extended musical suites, it takes in a breathtaking variety of American musical styles, imbuing each one with humanity and passion. And whenever it all threatens to get a bit self-indulgent, along comes a sublime pop moment such as 'Surf's Up' or 'Good Vibrations' to put a smile right back on your face. Let's hope that Brian has learnt how to smile again too.