Well, this is just sad. Irritating pop culture anomaly Boy George might be, but you always assumed he was harmless... Not so.

The former Culture Club singer has been in court all this week, charged with falsely imprisoning and beating male escort, Auden Carlsen, in his home in east London last November.

Carlsen accused George of beating him with a metal chain as he tried to escape after a naked photo shoot. Tried under his real name, George O'Dowd, he admitted on tape that he handcuffed the man but that he did not intend on harming him.

The comedy moment of this trial came yesterday, when defence lawyers claimed George was too fat to have been able to take on a 29-year-old male escort at the peak of his physical fitness.  Obviously this didn't sit well in court either, as George has been found guilty of all charges and is expected to be sentenced on January 16th.