Jon Bon Jovi is being sued for $400 billion (€291 billion) by a Boston-based songwriter, reports The Guardian.

Samuel Bartley Steele is claiming that the bad-haired rocker stole the lyrics and chorus to one of his songs - called '(Man I Really) Love This Team' - and used them as part of his hit 'I Love This Town', from the band's last album 'Lost Highway'.

Steele, who fronts a band called Chelsea City Council, said that Jon Bon Jovi either heard a demo of the song, or heard him busking it in Boston in 2004.

"I know I'm the little fish and they're the big fish, but they fucked with the wrong piranha," Steele told the Boston Herald. "I know that I'm right. I want credit, acknowledgment and an apology."

Lawyers for Bon Jovi said they had yet to see the lawsuit.