Whatever you think of his music or his personal life *coughtaxaffairscough*, Bono's political activism over the years is to be applauded - particularly his extensive work with AIDS charity RED.

The U2 frontman briefly met with new US Vice-President Mike Pence at a security conference in Munich the other day, and he brought up the topic of Pence's support of an Emergency Plan for HIV/AIDS Relief back in 2003, when he was in congress representing Indiana - a plan which saw George W. Bush pledge $15 billion for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and research in developing countries.

The conversation was short enough, with Bono saying that he 'really appreciated' the fact that Pence had twice voted in favour to have the plan passed and that it had 'really helped' the fight against the disease.


However, some fans have taken umbrage with Bono's cosying up to Pence, considering the Vice-President's supportive and controversial stance on gay conversion therapy - and they took to Twitter to make their views known.

See the Twitter reaction below: