Well, who knew Bon Jovi still had that many fans? Sure, their new Greatest Hits collection bagged the #1 slot in the Irish album charts last week, but it's one thing to spend fifteen odd quid (I'm guessing, I've no idea how much it actually costs) to get some of the most classic rock anthems of the 80s on one convenient CD, quite another to shell out between €65.70 and €91.25 (plus evil ticketmaster charges of course) to watch Jon Bon pretend he's still 25 from a distant stage at the other end of a glorified warehouse.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the appeal. Loath to admit it, in my teenage years I was quite the fan, and the epically memorable RDS show in 2000 was one of my first ever gigs (don't judge me, I come from a pretty small place, we didn't get out much). Apart from the huge thunder and lightning storm overhead making it one of the most (literally) electrifying performances I've ever encountered, Jon Bon Jovi is an impressive singer and a terrific all round performer, while Richie Sambora is still one of the finest rock guitarists around. But even as a former fan, I have to admit the New Jersey rockers haven't released anything halfway decent since 'These Days' in 1995, before they went on hiatus.

So what then? Is this another case of "the world loves nostalgia"? Perhaps their recent performance with Rihanna helped to make these aging rockers look cool again? Unlikely, since personally I think it's one of the sleazier things I've come across lately, and have just had a frightening premonition of the future where Jon Bon Jovi continues to wear leather pants at 70 and looks an awful lot like Iggy Pop.

Anyway, that ranty preamble is leading up to the announcement that Bon Jovi will play a second date at the RDS on June 30th, as well as their already sold out date on June 29th. Tickets go on sale next Thursday November 18th at 9am. If €65.70 to €91.25 is too rich for your blood, you can also catch a screening of Bon Jovi live on The Circle Tour at Movies @ Dundrum tonight (11th November) at 9.30pm.

So what do you think, do Bon Jovi still rock or are is their continued existence getting sadder with each passing year?