It seems that Bob Dylan is definitely none too pleased with the attention of receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature, if his recent actions are anything to go by.

Not only is the musician snubbing the ceremony in Stockholm on December 10th, but he has also failed to turn up to a reception at The White House honouring America's Nobel winners.

The function was held by Barack Obama in the Oval Office yesterday to pay tribute to four recipients of the Prize in various fields, but Dylan was not among them.

Josh Earnest, a spokesman for The White House told the press at a briefing: "unfortunately, for those of you wondering, Bob Dylan will not be at the White House today, so everybody can relax." He said that Obama and Dylan had previously met, although didn't say whether it was recently.

Dylan has still not made a public statement on receiving the Prize since it was announced on October 13th, although he called it 'amazing, incredible' and 'hard to believe' in an interview with the Telegraph. As a recipient, he will have to give a lecture in Stockholm within six months of December 10th.