A new recording of the song, which was originally recorded by Bob Dylan for his second album 'The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan' in 1962, sold for a whopping €1.8 million when it was auctioned at Christie's in London last week.

The new recording was made in 2021 by Dylan and producer T-Bone Burnett, and is available on a new physical format called Ionic Original.

Burnett said that he hoped the new format - which is a cross between vinyl and CD, and was conceived by the producer - would "develop a musical space in the fine arts market".

"I trust and hope it will mean as much to whomever acquired it today at Christie’s Exceptional Sale as it does to all of us who made it, and that they will consider it and care for it as a painting or any other singular work of art," he added.

Dylan's new version of 'Blowin' in the Wind' is the first song available on the format. It's also the first time that the iconic songwriter has made a new version of the track since 1962.

Earlier this year, the 81-year-old sold his entire back catalogue of recorded music to Sony Music Entertainment, in a deal reportedly worth around $200 million.