This was only a matter of time, wasn't it? Blur bassist Alex James has opted to cash in even further on the music trend which has already swollen his bank account considerably by releasing a new brand of drinks called 'Britpop'.

According to a report published in City AM, James first sought the trademark in October 2013 and it was considered by the UK's Intellectual Property Office last week. Assuming 'Britpop' does make it to the market, Buzzfeed claims that its application covers "beverages enriched with added minerals" as well as "low alcohol beer" and "alcopos". Going for that lucrative teenage market are we Alex?

This isn't James' first foray into foodstuffs, either. The bass player - who was a founding member of Blur back in 1989 - also holds trademarks on a series of cheeses which have been available for some time with varying commercial success. In 2012 UK supermarket chain ASDA opted to quite stocking his range of cheese, describing the tastes of his cheese as "ahead of their time".