Young Limerick band Bleeding Heart Pigeons will release their debut album in January.

The trio have been on the radar of numerous tastemakers over the last year or two, and were signed to Virgin EMI while they were still in school for the release of their recent EP 'A Hallucination' as well as their forthcoming full-length release.

It's called 'Is' and will be out on January 15th. The UK release will follow on February 12th.

You'll see the tracklisting and artwork for the album below, as well as the video for recent single 'Anything You Want'.

1. Frozen
2. O Happy, Happy, Happy
3. Anything You Want
4. They’re Cutting Down The Old Oak Tree
5. In The Forest, I Feel Bizarrely More At Home
6. Vapour
7. A Hallucination
8. Isn’t It Funny
9. Sister
10. Dancer
11. Nausea
12. Song With No Meaning