Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has lashed out at Canadian pop tyke Justin Bieber, revisiting an argument between the two which has been simmering over since last year when Carney said in an interview that Bieber shouldn't be disappointed at not winning a Grammy due to the fact that he's making ungodly amounts of cash touring the world.

Bieber responded on Twitter, saying that Carney should be "slapped around" for his comments and now, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Carney has gone back into full shit-stirring mode.

"Justin Bieber, like a f**king irresponsible asshole, sicced 40 million Twitter followers on me because I paid him a compliment he didn't understand. I'm saying that he should be grateful that he has a f**king career in music. And he shouldn't be f**king telling his followers to slap me, and then also be doing anti-bullying bullshit. It's so irresponsible."

He didn't stop there though: "I mean, Justin Bieber is a f**king moron. And that's the gist of what I was saying. And then he goes and says I should be slapped? Honestly, I feel bad for him. Every single person who works with him should f**king be embarrassed..."

"And honestly, I don't dislike his music. I don't listen to his music, but he needs to not conduct himself that way. Like, really, you make millions of dollars playing music, you should feel f**king lucky."

It's okay, let it all out Patrick.

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