Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach has earned a reputation as one of the finest music producers working today, principally owing to his co-production duties on recent Black Keys material as well as the likes of the Grammy-winning 'Locked Down' from blues legend Dr John. He's also become one of the most in-demand producers working today, a reputation which has led to the likes of Lana Del Rey practically begging to work with him on her new album 'Ultraviolence'.

Well work with her he did and now, having recorded a record with Del Rey, Auerbach has opened up about exactly what the experience was like.

"She’s a true eccentric, and, you know, extremely talented", Auerbach said. "She has a definite vision of what she is and what she wants to be, musically and visually, which is cool. Pat (Carney, Black Keys drummer) and I have always just been, like, 'You can take our photo, I guess,' but she just, like, looks at this whole thing as this big art project that she gets to do, which is great."

As for the music itself, Auerbach elaborates: "Her demos were so good, her songs were so strong that I wanted to get my musicians in who I love and get my sound that I get here with her songs and that's it. I didn't want to mess it up. She sang live with a seven-piece band. That's the whole record - a seven-piece band with her singing live. It was crazy."

(via NME)