The enigmatic Icelandic signer is throwing her support behind the Scottish independence movement.

With today being one of the most important days in Scotland's history, the 'Yes' campaign has received a shot in the arm from a rather unlikely source.

Bjork wrote a note on her official Facebook page yesterday evening, quoting (ever-so slightly changed) lyrics from her 2008 single 'Declare Independence', urging voters to break free from Westminster.

The Icelander isn't the only musician to have voiced a similar opinion. Stuart Braithwaite of Scottish post-rockers Mogwai yesterday posted a picture to social media of his house emblazoned with 'Yes' signs. Braithwaite, along with his band, performed at a pro-independence rally last weekend alongside Franz Ferdinand, Frightened Rabbit and Lorraine McIntosh from Deacon Blue.

"It feels incredible to be standing here on the edge if this stage tonight on the edge of history," Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos told the buoyant crowd. "I'm not the kind of guy that's used to making any sort of speech. I'm a man of few words, tonight I'm a man of one word and that word is 'Yes'."

However, the movement doesn't have unilateral support from the music industry. Among those campaigning for a 'No' vote include Mick Jagger, Sting, Brian Ferry and David Gilmour.

The first results from today's vote should be indicated later this evening in this pivotal day for both Scotland and the United Kingdom.