We all need a distraction from the news today - we just didn't think that it'd come in the shape of Billie Eilish's footwear.

Over the weekend, the LA pop star has been starting her own version of 'The Dress' debate with a pair of her runners.

During an Instagram Q&A with fans, someone jokingly asked her whether she thought The Dress - the image that went viral in 2015 for splitting people on its colour combination - was black and blue, or white and gold.

She then took a pair of trainers from her closet and said that her dad had sparked the same debate by claiming that her Nike Air Uptempos were pink and white, whereas she is adamant that they are mint green and white.

At first we thought she was simply trolling her fanbase, as to us, they're clearly white with a pink logo - although the videos that she's posted to Insta most recently, in the sunshine, show a greenish hue to the main part of the shoe (unless she has several different pairs, and she really is trolling us.) However, she has been amusingly wound-up by people telling her that her runners are pink.

What do you reckon - are they white with a pink logo? Green with a white logo? Or green with a pink logo? Or option 4 - is she trolling us all? Vote below...