Ultra-conservative US television host Bill O'Reilly has added another person to the rather lengthy list of people he disapproves of, after claiming on his popular show The O'Reilly Factor that Beyonce has a profoundly negative effect on young children.

In words reserved primarily for clueless, white middle-aged men, O'Reilly declared it to be "a load of nonsense" that Beyonce empowers women.

"The 'empowering' stuff is just so much garbage", he said. "Empowering what? She sings songs."

He went on to further diagnose some of the ills of society and popular culture, saying that Beyonce has a negative effect on kids, "especially those who do not have parental supervision."

"[There are] cultural deficits not only [in] black precincts, but in poor, white precincts and Hispanic precincts with unsupervised children. Beyonce is part of that problem."

O'Reilly continued: "Beyonce knows that young girls are getting pregnant in the African-American community, and now it's about 70% [who are] out of wedlock. She should be smart enough to know what she is doing to children."

O'Reilly, to our knowledge, didn't completely elaborate on his points or explain why he had singled out Beyonce for this criticism, other than to placate the parts of society who might be prone to singling out scapegoats for any of the problems we encounter in modern society.

Plus, should anyone really be taking ethics cues from this guy? (WARNING: The below clip features NSFW language!)


(Via Digital Spy)